Wait List

Some answers to frequent questions about the Waitlist

Who has priority on the Waitlist?
Brisbane FSY is offered firstly to youth from  Queensland Stakes and Districts.  Youth from outside Queensland who have already registered are on the Waitlist.  Waitlist places will be offered to Queensland youth first.  If there are still empty places and no more eligible Queensland youth on the waitlist offers will be made to youth out of state.

What does it mean to be on the Waitlist?
You do not have a place at FSY.  The FSY Office may be able to offer you a place at FSY if there are cancellations, duplicates or someone is unable to attend.

What do i do if I'm on the waitlist?
We encourage youth on the waitlist to become familar with and comply with the standards of grooming and behaviour requried to attend FSY and prepare financially to be ready to accept an offer of a place if one is made.

How will I be offered a place at FSY?
If a place becomes available we will make an offer to the next eligible person on the waitlist by email or phone.  If an offier is made acceptance must be received quickly, we will try to contact you by phone before withdrawing an offer.  Please check your emails and keep your registration contact details up-to-date if you are on the waitlist. 

When will I be offered a place at FSY?
As places become available we will make offers.  We understand the need to plan for travel and fundraising so will try to provide offers as early as possible however experience has shown that this process sometimes continues up to the weeks just before FSY.    

What do I do if I get an offer?
If an offer is made you will need to email the FSY Office to accept and may need to update your registration. 

Is there an order to the Waitlist?
Offers will be made to the waitlist generally in order of registration subject to age and gender grouping and availability of room contraints.  There will be no further advice or correspondence about the order of the waitlist.