Q. I am having trouble with registering online?

A.  Email us at brisbanefsy@outlook.com and we can help you.

Q. Can non-members attend FSY?

A. Non-members are welcome to attend FSY with the permission of their parents and with ward/stake leader approval. Please have them register online. Please send an email to brisbanefsy@outlook.com after registering with details about you and your non-member friend.

Q. Can youth from outside of QLD stakes or from overseas attend the Brisbane FSY?

A. There may be an opportunity to attend based on available beds and a formal approval process. Youth wishing to attend from outside QLD stakes can register via this web site. When selecting the stake select the "other" option in the drop down list. Please note that while this option is available we are not promoting nor encouraging attendance from stakes outside of QLD.

Q. Do each of the youth including non-members need to be interviewed before attending?

A. Yes, an interview with the bishop is required for all youth who wish to attend the conference. This will need to occur at some point after registration as part of the formal approval process (further details will be sent to wards and stakes regarding this process). The registered youth, their parent(s) and the bishop will be required as part of the approval process to sign a permission form and then indicate online approval.

Q. When do we register?

A. Registration is from 1st May 2019. A photo needs to be uploaded as part of registration and is mandatory. A waitlist will be instigated when the number of registrations is equivalent to the number of beds available. When youth cancel those on the waitlist will be invited to register using a special registration link. Payments do not need to be made at the time of registration.

Q. How much does it cost each Youth to attend?

A. The total cost per youth is $400 (from a Queensland stake or district). Youth will be required to contribute $140 toward this amount along with ward fundraising ($130) and stake contribution ($130). Please discuss any funding issues with your ward and stake leaders. All fundraising activities should be completed by mid Nov 2019 as payments need to be made by stakes from 24 Nov 2017. Youth attending from outside the Queensland stakes will be required to pay the full non-subsidised amount of $712.

Q. How do we pay?

A. Youth and families from Queensland Stakes can make payments using the normal contribution system (tithing slip). Enter the amount in the "other" category and indicate the payment is for FSY 2020. Note: Payments cannot be made through the church online donation system.  Payments are to be made by families prior to the end of November 2019. Youth from non Queensland stakes will be contacted by a committee member mid-late November via email and requested to make the payment of AU$712 by direct deposit into the Australian church bank account (bank details will be provided).

Q. Are my ward leaders attending FSY?

A. No, this event is strictly for the attendance of Youth and YSA Counsellors only. If you see the term 'leader' on this website it is used to explain YSA roles.


Q. What dress standards are applicable at FSY?

A.  Please see individual male and female guidelines on the “Standards” Page. If you have a question regarding standards, please speak with your Bishopric or Stake Presidency.

Q. What do we bring?

A. A detailed checklist can be found on the About page.

Q: Can I bring my mobile phone to FSY?

A. As convenient as mobile phones are, they can be a frustrating and unwelcome distraction to both the user and to other people around you. The atmosphere at FSY is both spiritual and social. Mobile phone use (including texting) typically isolates users.  Mobile phones are not encouraged.  However, if Youth choose to bring their mobiles they are responsible for the own safe keeping.  Mobiles may be confiscated if they are used during organised meetings, devotionals, classes and other activities.  If youth need to contact their parents, they can do so during free scheduled time or in the evening prior to lights out.

Q: What if I need to contact my child?

A. Parents or guardians who may need to contact their child throughout the FSY week will be able to call the site office
(0418 314 465) and arrangements will be made.

Q. How many people are in a dorm?

A. Accommodation is individual rooms with shared bathrooms. 

Q. If I am hungry can I leave my college to get a feed?

A. No, you will be required to remain on campus at all times. Failure to do so may see you being sent home.






























Q. What is expected of a YSA Counsellor?

A. YSA Counsellors play a critical role in the FSY week as they assist YSA coordinators to run the program. They need to be confident to lead.  Each counsellor is given a group of 8 - 12 youth to mentor, teach, assist and love throughout the week. It is essential they attend all training in order to be well informed and prepared.

Q. What are the different ways YSA can be involved in FSY?

A. Counsellors are responsible for a group of 8-12 youth for the week. ACs are responsible for 4-5 counsellors, the youth in those groups (40-50 youth) and an assigned activity. College Managers (CMs) are responsible for the youth, counsellors and ACs staying in one of the 9 colleges, they work closely with college staff to ensure we are safe and respectful. Health Counsellors are responsible for the health needs of youth and counsellors. Logistics Counsellors help with the behind the scenes running of the program. The Audio Visual team organise the equipment within and around the UQ Centre.

Q. As a counsellor, can I leave during FSY?

A. Counsellors are the leaders of the event. They are required to stay on campus the entire program.